TruCoat Fiberglass Primer

TruCoat Primer is a high-performance AAMA certified coating that has been exclusively developed for fiberglass pultrusions and fiberglass door slabs.  It combines the optimal performance characteristics home owners, contractors and manufacturers have been seeking:

  • Exceptional adhesion and surface hardness
  • Long-term color fastness and fade resistance
  • Ease of application and cleanup
  • Low VOC and environmentally friendly

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

How To Paint a Fiberglass Door

How to Stain a Fiberglass Door

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  • Quart
  • Gallon


How can I apply TruCoat paints and stains?

The recommended application method for TruCoat is an HVLP spray gun with a 1.7 to 2.2 spray tip.  You can also apply the paint with a foam sponge if you are painting fiberglass door slabs.

Can I paint or stain my existing door that has already been painted or stained?

Yes, you can repaint or restain your existing door but you must remove the existing finish first.  Our recommended steps for accomplishing this are:

  1. Apply a citrus based paint stripper to the door and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  2. Scrape off the stripper and old finish with a plastic drywall knife.
  3. Wipe off remaining stripper and old finish with a paper towel
  4. With a cloth rag and acetone wipe all surfaces that will be painted or stained
  5. Begin the TruCoat paint/stain process.
Can I buy just the paint and not the door stain kits?

Yes, the paint is available is quarts or gallons here.

What is the lead time?
We typically ship the next business day.
Will TruCoat paint adhere to vinyl, aluminum or wood?

Yes, it will adhere to these materials but we recommend our TruCoat primer be applied first.  The primer is available here.

Do you offer metallic finishes?

Yes, we can create metallic finishes to match clear anodized aluminum.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping if customers order is 200$ or more.

How do I clean up TruCoat?
TruCoat is a water based paint that can be cleaned up with water just like any standard house paint.

1 review for TruCoat Fiberglass Primer

  1. Ryan Gillette

    Probably one of the best primers I have used. My fiberglass doors look like new!

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