TruCoat 623 Fiberglass Door Paint Kit

TruCoat 623 paint is a high-performance AAMA certified coating that has been exclusively developed for fiberglass pultrusions and fiberglass door slabs.  It combines the optimal performance characteristics home owners, contractors and manufacturers have been seeking:

  • Exceptional adhesion and surface hardness
  • Long-term color fastness and fade resistance
  • Ease of application and cleanup
  • Low VOC and environmentally friendly

Each door kit has enough paint to cover both sides of  a 3/0 x 8/0 solid fiberglass door.  We offer TruCoat 623 paint kits in 9 standard colors and an unlimited assortment of custom colors.  TruCoat can be applied with a foam brush or HVLP spray gun with a 1.9 mm tip or larger.  Also included with each door paint kit is:

  • Scotch brite pad
  • Lint-free rag
  • Latex gloves
  • Foam brush
  • TruCoat Cleaner